The First Online Poker Room: IRC Poker

At the point when t rex slot individuals discuss the main internet based poker room, they’re typically alluding to Planet Poker – the brainchild of Mike Caro and the website that managed the very first genuine cash online poker hand on Jan. 1, 1998. What the vast majority don’t know is the thought for online poker had been near and working for a really long time before then.

irc poker
In 1988, Finnish developer Jarkko “WiZ” Oikarinen imagined IRC (Web Transfer Talk). IRC was the first on the web “discussion board” permitting anybody to set up an IRC server and anybody on that server to make their own discussion boards (or channels as they’re known).

After some time IRC filled in size and usefulness, in the long run permitting clients to do things like send records and, all the more critically, make and run scripts – fundamentally PC programs that work inside the parent program itself.

IRC Meets Poker
In the mid 1990s, Todd Mummert and Greg Reynolds made a server and content that permitted IRC clients to play poker games and poker competitions on the web.

Since IRC requires a more noteworthy comprehension of PCs than that of the typical client, IRC was (despite everything is) solely populated by nerds and PC geeks.

This converted into the main clients of the principal online poker room being developers, mathematicians and programmers.

A portion of the WSOP wristband champs that learned or idealized their games in the IRC rooms: Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, Jay “Sippy” Sipelstein and Perry “Tiltboy” Friedman
Albeit all play on these servers was for counterfeit cash, and any player could sign in and get 1,000 chips each day, the general norm of play was a lot higher than the play-cash games tracked down on major web-based destinations nowadays.

Due to the sorts of players and the modest number of all out clients on the framework, individuals treated the game extremely in a serious way and exceptionally essential poker was the standard.

IRC Poker Was Simply Text Based
Somewhere in the range of 1995 and 2001, a larger number of than 10 million hands played on the servers were likewise recorded by a program named Eyewitness, composed by Michael Maurer. These hands have been saved in the IRC poker data set.

This data set has been utilized for running various questions on poker measurements and other numerical tests. This was likewise whenever any individual first approached great many hands of information, opening the entryway for players to search for patterns or construct diagrams out of poker hands.

The servers were taken disconnected in 2001, generally because of genuine cash online poker becoming real and available.

For the initial not many long stretches of its presence, IRC Poker was simply text based. The image at the highest point of this article is an illustration of what it resembled to play.

Basically as a nostalgic curiosity, it’s as yet conceivable to download IRC poker scripts and set up your own competitions. To do this you simply need several things:

Download and introduce an IRC client, like mIRC.
Download and introduce a poker script. I involved this one for the photograph model at the top (how to introduce this content can be found in the included readme.txt record).
You really want to sign in to a server, for example,, however any server will do. To sign in to a server simply type/server
Whenever you’re signed in you want to join a channel or make another one. To do this sort:/j #channelname.
At the point when you’re in the channel you simply have to right-snap to get to the poker script. This will allow you to change a few factors and decide to begin the competition.
The directions on screen will tell everybody in the room “Type add to play.” When each and every individual who needs to play types “add,” you should right-snap and advise the competition to start.
At the point when the activity is on you, type your activities to play.
In the event that you’re a nerd who likes to play poker and you need to encounter what is resembled to play the very first web-based poker made, do it up.

On the off chance that you need a practically vacant server for playing a few games, I prescribe this server to make your own games on:






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